For years people have valued our services because we value their prized possessions. With a wealth of experience in special handling, we can take the load off your shoulders and off your mind. So, for those critical crating needs put yourself in our hands. To get things moving call Internic Moving Services today.

Internic Moving Services has the experience to handle all types of shipments from art to pianos; from computer equipment and electronics to car engines. We also offer military specifications as well as on-site crating.

Internic Moving Services offers local pick-up and delivery service all around the globe. We have special air chocks van equipment to ensure your valuables travel safely. We use only the highest quality materials and our experienced staff ensures the highest quality crating.

Utilizing crating services to package up your goods or products will save you time and money, and will give you peace of mind that the goods will arrive safely at destination.

Why use our crating services:

  • Crating protects your products from the elements
  • Crating protects from pilferage
  • Crating protects your product during loading and unloading of containers on and off trailers
  • Crating protects your product from damage, so there is no long Transit Protection claim process
  • Crating enables delivery of product to your destination in good working order

Here are the types of crating services we can offer:

  • Basic Wooden Crates with "peanut" filling
  • Foam-In-Place Packing
  • Barrier Packing With Desiccants
  • Static Proof Packing For Electronics
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Crating
  • Mositure Proof Crating - MVP - VCI - Etc.
  • Military Spec Crating