At Internic Moving Services we diligently make sure that all of our carriers bear the right protection and Transit Protection to protect your belongings while they are being transported. However there is some limitations that you should be aware of in regards of the liabilities that governs the carriers and movers in the industry.

There are three standard valuation options from which to choose. These options should be discussed with your sales representative prior to the move so that the best available option may be selected for your specific moving needs.

  1. Limited Liability

    All of our carriers provide limited liability coverage at no extra charge. Under this option the maximum liability is limited to $.60 per pound per article, in the event of loss and/or damage.

  2. Declared Value Protection

    Internic Moving Services can offer you, in affiliation with Internic Moving Services, your own coverage through a total loss replacement based on your declared value up to a minimum of $5 per lbs of declared value. A protection that will cover you in case of a total loss. THE RATE FOR THIS PROTECTION is 1.75% of the declared value.

  3. Extra Care Protection

    This option involves a policy endorsement in which it will cover Inland Transit Protection Acknowledgement Personal Effects - Owner Packed - All Risks - S.T. $300 deductible. Loosely translated means, all of yours goods will be covered for the entire duration of transport. This option offers that extra Transit Protection that, should damage occur, you will be entitled to repair, replacement or reimbursement. THE RATE FOR THIS PROTECTION is 2.75% of the declared value.